Saturday, September 20, 2014

100% of Nurses on this show love Issues for Your Tissues

Emily Osborn joins me during membership drive to talk about the importance of good health information and its availability. She supports KOOP Radio to promote both. You can too. Art Baker of Jamaican Gold fame joins me too. You can hear Jamican Gold at noon on KOOP 91.7 or stream

Making Pregnancy Safer with Science

Dr. Shanna Swan joins me to discuss chemical burden and its effect on pregnant women and their fetuses.

Tampongate Violence Yields Justice

Cindy Noland of Faith Action for Women in Need joins to recount the assault she faced on the last day of the special session that resulted in Tampongate. Her assaulter was convicted and was court-ordered to take anger management classes.

HR7, Knee-Jerk Response or Just Jerk Move?

Dyana Limon-Mercado Communications Director of Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas (formerly Texas Capital Region) joins me to talk about federal legislation HR7, another attempt at undermining personal freedom while regulating privacy and industry.